Compress a given string in-place and with constant extra space.

Run-length encoding Program. OR
Given an input string, write a function that returns the Run Length Encoded string for the input string. OR
Compress a given string inplace and with constant extra space.

Compress a given string "aacccddd" to "a2c3d3"
Constraint: Inplace compression, no extra space to be used.
Assumption: Output size will not exceed input size. 

Example: input:"acc" output: "a1c2" buffer overflow, because output size length is 4 and input size length is 3. Such inputs will not be given.

Lets understand what is the input and the expected output.


Two Scan are required to solve this problem.

STEP 1. In first scan, for every character which occured more then 1 time, like "aaaa" other than "a", compress to "a4", leaving character which ocurr only once untouched. STEP 2. In second scan, when we will have enough space to insert count for character occuring only once, start inserting count 1 for characters occur only 1 time, by shifting other characters.

Java Program to Compress a given string in place.


public class StringCompression {

 public static void main(String[] args) {
  String str = "abcdeeeeeeeefffffg";
  char[] a = compressString(str);
 public static char[] compressString(String str){
  char[] arr = str.toCharArray();

  //First scan
  //In this scan we will update count for characters which appears more then once, leaving 
  //characters which occur only once
  for (int i = 0; i < arr.length-1; i++) {
   char c = arr[i];
   //Start searching from next character till it matches arr[i].
   int j = i+1;
   //Check if next character is same as previous character, If yes, then continue 
   //until you found different character and replace same character with space. 
   while(j < arr.length && arr[j]==c){
    arr[j] = ' ';
   //Check whether next character is same or different by looking at position of j.
   //if j position is i+1 from where we initialize, then next character is different.
   //if j position is not i+1, then there are consecutive matching characters till j position.
   //Replace next position of i that is i+1 with count of arr[i]. 
    arr[i+1] = String.valueOf(j-i).toCharArray()[0];

  //Second scan
  //In this scan we will start working on characters which appears once.
  //If there is no space for writing count, then make space for writing count by shifting all characters till
  //all characters are properly shifted. 
  for (int i = 0; i < arr.length-1; i++) {
   //Check the item at position arr[i] is number or character.
   if(arr[i] >= 'a' && arr[i] <= 'z'){
    //it is character
    //Check next character is number or character, 
    //if it is character then only we need to insert 1 in between.
    //If it is number then (character and respective count) are at correct position, so don't do anything.
    if(arr[i+1] >= 'a' && arr[i+1] <= 'z'){
     //item at next position is character, so need to insert 1 in between.
     //Shift all characters till all characters are shifted (until we found first space to accommodate all shifts)
     int j = i;
     char temp = arr[j+1];
     char workingOn = arr[j];
     //Shift all characters until space is not found.
     while(temp != ' '){
      arr[++j] = workingOn;
      workingOn = temp;
      temp = arr[j+1];
     arr[j+1] = workingOn;
     //Update i+1 position with count of arr[i] character.
     arr[i+1] = String.valueOf(1).toCharArray()[0];     
   //STEP 1:If character is space, then find first character ahead and shift that character to starting space. 
   //STEP 2:Before shifting, check next character of first character found in STEP 1. if it is number directly shift it.
   //if it is alphabet, then add 1.
   }else if(arr[i] == ' ' ){
    //it is space, so check position where first character is encountered after space.
    int j = i+1;
    while(j < arr.length && arr[j] == ' '){
    //wherever j is stopped at that position character is encountered.
    //Check that we doesn't reached end position.
    //If j is less then end position, then replace position at i which was space with first character
    //encountered, and check count of that character. 
    if(j < arr.length){
     //Replace position of character i with character at j.
     arr[i] = arr[j];
     //Character at j is put at i, so character at j is replaced with space.
     arr[j] = ' ';
     //Check next character of character which we moved, 
     //if next item is character it means, count for that character is 1, so write 1 to next position
     //if next item is count it means, count is already present and we just need to write that to next position
     if(j+1 < arr.length){
      if(arr[j+1] >= 'a' && arr[j+1] <= 'z'){
       arr[i+1] = String.valueOf(1).toCharArray()[0];
       arr[i+1] = arr[j+1];
      arr[j] = ' ';
      arr[j+1] = ' ';
      arr[i+1] = String.valueOf(1).toCharArray()[0];
  //Remove extra spaces if required here.
  return arr;  

Enjoy !!!! 

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