Find a Saddle point in Matrix

Find Saddle point in a matrix

Given a matrix of n x n size, Find saddle point of matrix.

What is Saddle point of Matrix?

Element is said to be Saddle point of Matrix if it is both a minimum of its row and a maximum of its column or vice versa.

A matrix may have 1 or 2 saddle points or may not have a saddle point.
Lets understand what will be input and expected output with the help of an example.


STEP 1: Traverse the Matrix row by row and for each row, find the minimum element in that row.
               let say you find the minimum element at index j.

STEP 2: Check the maximum element on same column j.

STEP 3: If minimum element in row and maximum element in column j is same then that element is 
               Saddle point of Matrix.
               If minimum element in row and maximum element in column j is not same then that row 
               doesn't has Saddle point and check next row.

STEP 4: Repeat above steps for all rows.

Java Program to Print Saddle point of Matrix

package matrix;

public class FindSaddlePointInMatrix {

 public static void main(String[] args) {
  new FindSaddlePointInMatrix();

 public FindSaddlePointInMatrix() {
  int[][] matrix = {
   {4, 5, 6},
   {7, 18, 9},
   {5, 1, 3}

 private void printSaddlePoint(int[][] matrix) {
  for (int i = 0; i < matrix.length; i++) {
   boolean isSadlePointPresentInRow = true;
   int minimum = matrix[i][0];
   int colIndexOfRowMinimum = 0;
   //Find minimum in row.
   for(int j=1; j< matrix[0].length; j++){
    if(matrix[i][j] < minimum){
     minimum = matrix[i][j];
     colIndexOfRowMinimum = j; 
   //Find maximum in same column.
   for (int j = 0; j < matrix.length; j++) {
    if(minimum < matrix[j][colIndexOfRowMinimum]){
     isSadlePointPresentInRow = false;

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